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BANWOOD x Marest, Children's Scooter, different colors

BANWOOD x Marest, Children's Scooter, different colors

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The Banwood x Marest Balance Bike is a collaboratively designed children's bike decorated with the vibrant colors of the Marest print. The scooter is designed to last and made of high-quality materials. The height of both the seat and the handlebars can be adjusted to be as suitable as possible. The bike has pleasant rubber handles made of durable vegan leather and a charming woven basket where you can bring the necessary things with you on bike trips.

Recommended age: 2.5-5 years
Adjustable handlebar: 50-59cm
Seat height: 37-44cm

Weight: 3.8 kg
Tires: 12″″
The product has a CE mark.

Delivery: about 1 week, delivered separately.

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