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BANWOOD, Scooter Children's Kickboard, different colors

BANWOOD, Scooter Children's Kickboard, different colors

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The Banwood Scooter kickboard has been developed emphasizing timeless design, quality and safety. Banwood's own patented Easy Ride Steering System makes steering the skateboard easier. Its unique and sophisticated angle control system adjusts the turning range of the front wheels, making turning easier. The scooter has two front wheels and one rear wheel, and a handlebar that can be adjusted to three different heights (70cm, 75cm, 80cm). The rubber handles and the wide shape of the standing board and the grip tape make using the kickboard comfortable and safe. A beautiful, woven basket is included in the package. Kickboarding helps the child develop coordination, balance and fine motor skills, while increasing self-esteem and bringing joy. Time to go on an adventure!

Recommended age : +3 years
Adjustable handlebar: height 70cm, 75cm or 80cm
Standing board size: 29.7×9.6cm
Weight : 2.8kg

Weight limit : 50kg

Delivery : about 1 week, delivered separately.

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