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bObles, Exercise module Crocodile L, Marble, 2 colors

bObles, Exercise module Crocodile L, Marble, 2 colors

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The bObles Crocodile module offers children both fun play and educational features. The Crocodile module can be used in many different ways. Children can sit on it and rock back and forth, which develops balance and motor skills. The module can also be used as a seat or a play platform to create different games. The crocodile inspires children's imagination and encourages creativity. Children can imagine it is a real crocodile and play different adventures with it.

Dimensions: 18x60x24 cm

Material: safe EVA foam rubber.

Care instructions: the material is water-repellent, it can be washed with a neutral detergent.

The crocodile module is compatible with other Bobles products. You can combine them and build even more versatile playgrounds and tracks.

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