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LAAKSO is a rocking lounge chair intended for recovery from the hustle and bustle of everyday life and for spending free time. Following in the footsteps of our highly popular LUOTO swing for children, LAAKSO is designed to offer a particularly comfortable position specifically for an adult body.

A light rocking movement has been found to have many calming and relaxation-promoting benefits. It can help, among other things, relieve stress and anxiety, as well as improve sleep quality and concentration. Whether you prefer to recover by immersing yourself in a good book, playing video games, devouring episodes of your favorite series or knitting, LAAKSO offers the perfect place to do these things. To achieve the best possible comfort, you can combine it with our plush OHRA cushion, and an uninterrupted moment of relaxation is guaranteed.

Dimensions: 124.4x64.2x43 cm

Weight limit : rest swing 100kg, climbing arch 50kg.

Material: Arch: birch plywood, Padding: Fabric: 100% recycled (87% recycled cotton, 13% recycled polyester). Filling: 60% recycled polyester, 40% foam fluff (may contain individual down)

The LAAKSO swing is designed in Finland and made from birch plywood produced sustainably in the EU. It is available in birch color.

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