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FITWOOD, Montessori Bookshelf KUMPU

FITWOOD, Montessori Bookshelf KUMPU

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The KUMPU Montessori bookshelf is a new innovative children's piece of furniture that encourages children to be self-directed, without forgetting the importance of play. It is designed to feed children's natural desire to learn new things and especially to support the development of their independent activities.

The KUMPU bookshelf, inspired by the Montessori philosophy, has shelves at the child's height, from which the child can see the book covers and can easily pick up the book he wants. On the other side of the "mound" there is a workstation suitable for the child's measurements, which is ideal for e.g. to do activities that develop concentration and motor skills. Since playing is also an equally important part of a child's development, a child can crawl through the tunnel at any time during other activities to have an adventure in the fairytale worlds of their favorite books.

Dimensions: Width 73 cm, Depth 110 cm, Height 75 cm.

Material: High-quality birch plywood.

The LUOTO climbing arch is designed in Finland and made from sustainably produced birch plywood and aspen in the EU. Patented original design.

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