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TAIMI pulleys are a multipurpose fitness tool for bodyweight training and gymnastics in an innovative and stylish Scandinavian design. You can adjust the level of training on the pole to suit your own level by changing the angle of your body.

Pole trees are a great way to get the whole family excited about exercise. At the same time, while the wooden poles are a great exercise tool for adults, they are also a special exercise play tool for children. Pole trees develop children's mobility, coordination, balance and strength. Not to mention that pole trees enable endless fun for the whole family!

The top two poles of the pole trees are separated slightly from the rest of the frame, enabling more versatile training for adults and play for children. Despite this, the design of TAIMI pole trees is unobtrusive and smooth, so pole trees fit seamlessly into the interior of the home.

The round shape of the sides provides a natural, comfortable and firm grip. The exact dimensions can be found in the "additional information" section.

To make the poles even more versatile, you can combine them with resistance rubber bands or our ULPU gymnastics rings. This way you can do an increasing number of different workouts, from assisted chin-ups to bodyweight rowing.

The frame of TAIMI pole trees is made of sustainably produced birch plywood and the poles are solid birch.

Dimensions: width 78cm, height 220cm, depth top 30cm, frame 12cm.

Weight limit: 150kg

Material: solid birch, birch plywood,

Warranty: TAIMI apple trees have a two-year warranty (one year for community or professional use). We do our best to provide spare parts even after the warranty period has expired.

You can choose from six different color options for TAIMI apple trees:
• birch
• white
• grey
• black
• white – birch
• black – birch

Birch color is treated with clear varnish.

TAIMI poles are designed in Finland and manufactured in the EU. They are designed to support an active lifestyle without compromising design and sustainable values.

Pole trees are attached to the wall through two support strips. The package contains screws that are suitable for attaching poles to the most common concrete walls or to wooden joints inside a board wall. Please make sure you use screws that match your walls. FitWood always recommends hiring a local professional to install the bollards to ensure a correct and secure fit.

Please note that the slight elasticity saves the joints of the pole trees when the pole trees are in active use. Children should only use pole trees under adult supervision.

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