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FITWOOD, balance track PATH S

FITWOOD, balance track PATH S

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POLKU balance track is a fun and creative track developed for practicing body control for children. It is designed to encourage children's creativity while supporting the development of motor skills, balance and coordination. Thanks to its many different shaped booms, it offers endless possibilities for building fun and challenging tracks. With the help of the balance track, the child can not only learn to control his body through various changes in height and direction, but also develop his own imagination when planning and exploring different track options. The booms can be used to build ice cream, car, bear or lemon-shaped tracks - the only limit is your imagination!

In addition to the fact that the POLKU balance track is an excellent product for developing motor skills and creativity, it is also a great tool for practicing social skills and working together when building tracks with friends. Different shaped booms ensure that the product offers fun activities for children for hours – the floor is lava and competing with friends and inventing rules to cross certain types of booms are just some of the games that children love to play with the balance track!

The POLKU balance track is available in three different size sets – S, M and L. All sets consist of different booms and spacers. There are a total of four types of booms: long straight, short straight, long winding and curved. There are two different spacers and they can be stacked on top of each other to make higher tracks.

POLKU S is the perfect option for small children who have already learned to walk and are ready to start developing their own balance and coordination skills. We recommend starting balance training by getting to know the track first by placing the booms on the floor without spacers.

Set size: 2 booms, 3 spacers.

Size of booms: all booms are different sizes, you can see the dimensions of the individual booms in the product images.

Weight limit: 60kg

Material: POLKU balance track is designed in Finland and manufactured in the EU from responsibly produced birch plywood.

Recommended age: +12 months

Warranty: two-year warranty for private use.

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