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FITWOOD, Gymnastics rings ULPU

FITWOOD, Gymnastics rings ULPU

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ULPU gymnastics rings offer numerous opportunities for developing strength and coordination. Due to their instability, gymnastic rings are also a great tool for improving mobility and balance.

Gymnastic rings are a great fitness tool for e.g. bodyweight rowing, firefighter push-ups and various abdominal muscle exercises. They can also be used to add a challenge to traditional bodyweight workouts, such as planks and step squats, or as assistance in more challenging movements, such as pistol squats.

Gymnastics rings enable a fun and dynamic way to move, which is why they are children's favorites. Playing with gymnastic rings strengthens children's strength and coordination during a fun vacation.

Dimensions: tire thickness 28mm, outer diameter 236mm, tire diameter 180mm.

Straps dimensions: length 500cm, width 2.5cm.

Weight limit: 150kg

Material: birch plywood

Warranty: two-year warranty.

You can choose from five different color options for ULPU gymnastics rings:
• birch
• white waxed
• white
• grey
• black

The straps are available in two different color options:
• white with beige FitWood logo
• black with white FitWood logo

ULPU gymnastics rings are designed and manufactured in Finland. They are designed to support an active lifestyle without compromising design and sustainable values.

Please make sure that the gymnastic rings are properly installed and the straps are properly fastened before each use. Check the belts regularly. Small children should only use gymnastic rings under adult supervision.

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