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Luin Living Hair towel, 6 different colors

Luin Living Hair towel, 6 different colors

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Our story started with a dream to design the world's best hair towel. Our luxurious hair towel is the perfect helper for everyday life. The hair towel works like a turban and stays in place thanks to its convenient and easy snap fastener. A 100% plush cotton towel made from our own signature material dries hair quickly and gently. This one size product also fits a child's head well!

Design: Luin Living, Finland

Country of manufacture: Turkey

Material and quality: 100% high-quality Low Twist cotton, weight 550 g/m2. Safe Oeko-Tex certified manufacturing

Size: One size 26×70 cm fits everyone

Care instructions:

Always wash the product before the first use at 40 or no more than 60 degrees and only with home textiles of the same color. Washing brings out the true absorbency of the product and binds the fibers of the fabric. Unwashed long-fiber towel fabric behaves like any soft cotton knit, i.e. it is sensitive to rough surfaces and, for example, to the bristles of a hairbrush. Possible loose loops can be cut off if necessary.

Long fiber towels love to fluff up after washing. Using a tumble dryer maximizes softness. If using a tumble dryer is not possible, test which spin power in your machine fluffs the towels best (the most efficient spin is rarely advantageous for long fiber fabric) and shake the towels well after washing. If the fibers bind together as a result of spinning, change the spin power.

Do not use fabric softener or bleach. The use of laundry vinegar is allowed.

Some fluff may come off the towel during the first washes, which is completely normal.

The normal shrinkage allowance for towel products is 1-5%.

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