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Luin Living Bath Slippers, 6 different colors

Luin Living Bath Slippers, 6 different colors

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Plush and soft dream slippers for every homeowner. Durable and practical bath slippers are also suitable for use in damp areas. The slippers can be machine washed at 40 degrees and tumble dried at low heat.

Design: Luin Living, Finland

Country of manufacture: Turkey

Material and quality: Upper 100% high-quality cotton, bottom made of a moisture-resistant rubber-plastic mixture. Safe Oeko-Tex certified manufacturing

Bottom measurement: XS: 26cm, S/M: approx. 28cm, L/XL: approx. 31.5cm

Care instructions: Wash max. at 40 degrees. Light tumble drying. Always wash with towel products of the same color

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