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Matuu Deer Dark Beige, Wallpaper

Matuu Deer Dark Beige, Wallpaper

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The wallpapers are sold ready-made. The stated price is for one sheet of wallpaper. The sheets are designed to fit standard apartments under 260cm in height and have 20cm of extra length that you can cut to match the height of the wall. Example: If you want to wallpaper a 2 meter wall, add three times to the shopping cart (3 x 70cm).

Size: (H x W) 270 x 70 cm or 310 x 70 cm

Material: vinyl wallpaper

Brand: Matuu

Delivery time: on average: 10–15 working days / delivered separately. Designed and manufactured in Amsterdam.


Make sure the wall is clean and at least 2 weeks have passed since the last painting. Check the alignment of the wallpaper sheet before installing it on the wall.

Use a non-woven adhesive that is suitable for attaching fiber wallpapers. The glue is applied to the skin with a wide brush. IMPORTANT! Apply a generous amount of glue to the wall as well as the skin! Make sure there is glue on the edges as well and add more if necessary. The wallpaper is pressed to the wall with a spatula, wipe the glue that comes out of the seam. After installation, bubbles may form between the wallpaper and the wall, even if the wallpaper has been smoothed with a spatula. Usually, these bubbles level off over the next day.

Matuu was founded in 2017 A Finnish brand whose products are made by hand in a family atelier. Every s en bring te e n the print is designed to be memorable and unique. Matuu invests in product quality and uses high quality cotton for the manufacture of textile products. Brand 's magically beautiful products bring a touch of luxury to your home interior.  

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