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Savanna, Wallpaper

Savanna, Wallpaper

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The wallpapers are sold ready-made. Delivery time: on average: 10-15 working days / delivered separately

Size: (H x W) 280x50cm  

Material: 100% matte non-woven wallpaper

Brand: Dekornik  

A true paradise world, an African Savannah adventure with many animals that every child will love!  

The pattern starts with an elephant. The picture shows half an elephant, because the whole elephant would have taken up 150-180cm of space. That's why the elephant is at the beginning of the pattern and then disappears.  

The pattern is divided into 50 cm wide sheets. The animals are designed so that they are located at approximately the same distance and are easy to place evenly on the wall.Evenly distributed animal figures also help to adapt the wallpaper to the dimensions of the wall. Remember the height of the animals to make it easier for yourself: an elephant is 155 cm tall, a giraffe is 230 cm tall and flamingos are 140-190 cm tall. The little lion cub hiding behind the leaves is 65 cm tall and the trees in the background are 252 cm tall.  

The sheets are designed to fit standard apartments under 260cm in height and have 20cm of extra length that you can cut to match the height of the wall.  

Ordering wallpapers ready-made is faster and simpler. Just measure the wall and order the amount you need.  


Installation instructions 

Place the wallpaper sheet against the wall before applying the adhesive to see how it will look. NOTE – the first sheet is glued starting from the bottom. So a better option is to start from the bottom or adjust the heights before applying the glue to maintain the flower bed pattern. You can wallpaper the wall only about 20 days after the last painting.  

One of Europe's most famous wallpaper brands, Dekornik, is finally in Finland! The talented illustrator Kasia Goraj-Stróżyńska  create this brand's wonderful unique patterns that both children and adults will enjoy.  

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