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Zebra, Activation toy, Zapp the zebra

Zebra, Activation toy, Zapp the zebra

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The Zapp zebra has stripes that attract the attention of small children. A fun and safe toy that entertains the child. Interesting features stimulate the senses. 

Action toys strengthen and challenge:

  • Sensation – when the child feels textures, softness and hardness and different materials.
  • Visual sense - when the child sees contrasts, colors and textures.
  • Gross and fine motor skills – when the child grabs the product and explores different touch pads.

Dimensions: H: 21 L: 19 W: 4 cm.

Material: 100% polyester. Filling: 100% polyester filling (recycled). Chew toy: 100% silicone.

Age recommendation: 0+ months

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