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Wall sticker, Deer In A Circle from

Wall sticker, Deer In A Circle from

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With the help of a wall sticker, you bring coziness and atmosphere to the children's room. Our stickers have a matte surface and waterproof, meaning they can be wiped with a damp cloth. The wall sticker is easy to attach and easy to remove, suitable for all flat surfaces.

Dimensions:  M 150 x 150 cm

W 200 x 200 cm

Brand: decorator

Made in the EU. The order product is delivered in 10-15 business days.


The mounting surface must be dry and clean of dust and dirt. If the surface has just been painted, we recommend waiting 2 weeks before gluing the sticker. Attach the sticker by pressing hard and go through it carefully to make sure there are no air bubbles under it. Pay attention to the folds on the sticker, iron them flat. If the skill point comes up the next day, iron the sticker back on the wall.

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