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Stapelstein Inside, Rainbow Pastel

Stapelstein Inside, Rainbow Pastel

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Unlock your inner potential!

The innovative Stapelstein® Inside product increases movement even more, diversifying play and bringing variety to children's everyday life. With Stapelstein® Inside, we are reviving the matryoshka principle that has been popular for generations, but this time in a minimalist, timeless and gender-neutral form. The Inside product is compatible with other Stapelstein products and fits inside a normal-sized Stapelstein element.

Stapelstein brings creativity and movement to children's room and yard games. The Stapelstein product family supports the development of a child's motor skills, coordination, balance, perception, creativity and social skills. The product's simple design leaves room for imagination and gives unlimited possibilities for playing and exploring. This set includes 6 elements of different sizes.

The product is suitable for children 12 months+. Free from sharp edges and corners, meaning it's both fun and safe to play with. This product is also suitable for children with reduced mobility. You can get as many pieces as you want, storage is easy thanks to stacking.  

Stapelstein is made of innovative EPP, i.e. cellular propylene plastic, which has excellent resilience and shock absorption. It is really light and durable.

Diameter: 21.5 cm, 15.5 cm and the smallest 9.3 cm

Height: 8.7 cm, 6.6 cm and the smallest 4.2 cm.

Maximum load: 180 kg

Material: EPP i.e. cellular polypropylene plastic

The product is environmentally friendly manufactured in Germany. The material is 100% recyclable, UV resistant. Suitable for indoor and outdoor use, water resistant.

Delivery time about 2-3 weeks.

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