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Autumn Meadow White, Wallpaper

Autumn Meadow White, Wallpaper

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The wallpapers are sold ready-made in 280 x 100 cm. The stated price is for one sheet of wallpaper.

Size: (H x W) 280 x 100 cm  

Material: 100% matte non-woven wallpaper  

Brand: Dekornik  

    The sheets are designed to fit standard apartments under 260cm in height and have 20cm of extra length that you can cut to match the height of the wall.  Example: If you want to wallpaper a 3 meter wall, add three times to the shopping cart.  

    Delivery time: on average: 10-15 working days / delivered separately  

    Photos from profiles: @mantulien, @roomsy, @mint_magazine.  

    One of Europe's most famous wallpaper brands, Dekornik, is finally in Finland!

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